Tuesday Night Green Tea Lattes Lead to Persistent Coffee Daydreams

Tuesday Night Green Tea Lattes Lead to Persistent Coffee Daydreams



Ah, Tuesday. You know those Tuesdays, the ones where your brain feels like a damp dishcloth and the only sunshine in your life is the glow of your computer screen at 8 pm?

Yeah, that’s this Tuesday. And as I calmly sip my homemade decaf green tea latte using my very own milk frothing technique, the only light at the end of this tunnel, my friends, is a steaming hot fully-caffeinated cup of coffee first thing tomorrow morning.

I need something to look forward to here, and a glimmer of hope to finally get rid of this brain fog.

The problem is: my doctor told me during my last visit after measuring my blood pressure, “No more caffeine past 3 p.m.”

Coffee Dreams on a Tuesday Night

Ok, so breaking the evening caffeine habit isn’t easy. That’s why I’m indulging in a fantasy about espressos, lattes, flat whites, caramel macchiatos, and just about anything else that comes from my favorite perky bean.

But not just any coffee bean, or any coffee dream. Oh no. Tonight, I’m in a coffee daydream of epic proportions. A symphony of caffeine possibilities dancing in my head.

I long for that moment of first-taste bliss tomorrow.

Scenario 1: The Siren’s Call of Cafe Convenience

The classic Dunkin’ run. Familiar, reliable, like a comfy sweater and worn jeans. It’s a quick pit stop on the way to work, a sugar-laden hug in a cardboard cup.

The caramel swirl whispers my name, promising a sweetness to cut through the Tuesday blahs. But then I imagine the line, the impatient honking, the lukewarm coffee by the time I reach my desk.

Hmm, maybe not today.

Scenario 2: K- Pods of Promise

My Nespresso machine winks seductively from the corner. A single-serve oasis of luxury in my chaotic kitchen. The velvety espresso, the frothy milk, the artistry of latte art I can (almost) master.

It’s fast, it’s fancy, it’s perfectly Instagrammable. But then I remember the cost per cup, the landfill graveyard of used pods, the nagging feeling that it’s all a bit… soulless.

Maybe tomorrow, Nespresso. I’ll use eco friendly coffee maker Clio if I want to go the coffee pod route.

Scenario 3: The Ritual of the Bean

Ah, the aroma of freshly ground coffee. The gentle gurgle of water filling the pot. The anticipation as the dark brew drips, drop by tantalizing drop. This is not just coffee, it’s a ceremony.

A mindful ritual to awaken my senses. Maybe I’ll even whip up some Turkish coffee, thick and frothy, a taste of faraway lands in my own mug.

But then I see the pile of dishes from last night’s dinner, the overflowing laundry basket, and the mountain of work emails waiting for me.

Coffee can wait, self-care cannot.

Scenario 4: The Allure of the Artisan Espresso and Single-Origin Micro Batches

My local hipster haven beckons, its exposed brick and vintage espresso machine humming a siren song. They roast their own beans, talk in terms of “single-origin” and “micro-batches,” and pour latte art that borders on the obscene.

It’s an experience, a coffee adventure for the discerning palate. But then I picture the exorbitant prices, the pretentious clientele, and the inevitable wait for a table.

Maybe on payday, little coffee shop of my dreams.

So, where will I land on this caffeine quest?

Who knows? Maybe it’s a mix of scenarios, a shot of espresso at home followed by a shared pot with a colleague. Maybe it’s a simple instant coffee moment, savored in stolen minutes between tasks. Or an iced mocha latte at Starbucks on the way back from lunch.

But all before 3 p.m, I promise, Dr. KillJoy, the medical professional who has so tragically removed this simple joy from my daily routine- the bad boy of beverages- the evening coffee.

Whatever beverage it is, I can’t wait. The promise of that first sip and that jolt of energy and warmth is what keeps me going on these long, grey Tuesdays.

And who knows, maybe tomorrow will even be a frappy kind of day.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have a date with a pillow and a dream filled with endless coffee cups. Goodnight, fellow caffeine fiends!

P.S. What are your coffee daydreams made of? Tell me in the comments!

Tuesday Night Green Tea Lattes Lead to Persistent Coffee Daydreams


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